h. stabile | #deconstructingCITIES in Beijing
Designer and architect Henrique Stabile focuses on design innovation by means of technology.
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#deconstructingCITIES in Beijing

Texto escrito pela curadora do projeto When Are You integrante da BJDW – Beijing Design Week 2014.

Pra explicar melhor, o deconstructingCITIES é um dos 4 projetos integrantes do projeto maior: When Are You?

Estou hospedado no Hutong (bairro/comunidade tradicional da China) de Caochangdi, o mesmo Hutong onde se encontra o famoso escritório de Ai Wei Wei: FAKE Studio.

A Olívia Yassudo escreveu um grande texto, e por ele eu passo a ter certeza de que ela sabe mais que eu do meu próprio trabalho.


deConstructing Business

[por Olivia Yassudo]

We came to exchange, but we changed.

We came looking for exchange, but what we found was change.

We came to get lost, but we found ourselves.

We are home. Home and homeless at the same time.

There are no walls. Literally.

There is a roof.

It give us shelter enough for us to relax and save our power to fly high.

There is no limit.

The only thing that tries to limit us are the phone credits, that finish from time to time. But we wont accept it. We just go and buy more credits, cause no one will make us shut up. Yes we talk. We talk a lot. We want to talk. And let me tell you, people here want to listen to what we have to say. Specially what Henrique has to say. And sorry, we don’t want to sound pretensious, but Henrique can say it in chinese.

And it was in chinese that he explained what was limiting him, and I’m pretty sure by now you understood that we are not okay with boundaries. We are free. We set this a long time ago. Art set us free. And it was art that he used as Money to buy himself some phone credits. Art once againg giving people a voice. And Henrique once again deconstructing the cities and citizens behaviour.


“Some people came to this World to construct. Others came to deconstruct.”


Join us. Merge with us. Let us overlay you while you overlay us.  And who knows what might happen one we merge into one. You just need to tag your Picture with #whenareyou hashtag and it will instantly be transported to our new reality.

Come. Pass by us. Let us sell you some art. Just remember. Due to some issues the world is facing we cannot accept credit cards. But pretty smiles and nice attitudes are always welcome.

Exchange with us. Change with us.

Find yourself. Get Lost.


Link para a página do #deconstructingCITIES nos meus trabalhos

Texto/text: Olívia Yassudo

Fotos/photos: Pedrinho Fonseca, Juliana Mattos, Isabela Herig, Letícia Liñeira, Naná Janus.